Dessert Menu


Dessert Menu

Our dessert menu is available to be enjoyed at anytime of day or evening. Enjoy with your favourite Atkinson's Tea or Coffee and an afternoon pick-me-up or following a splendid meal enjoyed in the restaurant. Don't forget to ask to see our wine list, as we have a choice of dessert wines to be enjoy along with your favourite pudding.

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream £7.50

Strawberry & Ginger Trifle, Hazelnut Crumb £7.50

Tea Menu

Breakfast Blend
Medium / Balanced / Morning Tea

Atkinson’s Breakfast Blend is a perfectly balanced blend designed to invigorate and revive at any time of day, especially breakfast time. We seize the bright and boisterous, tippy Assam leaves and coax them into behaving with the gentler, more forgiving Darjeeling to produce a full bodied, malty tea.

Decaf Ceylon Tangy / Aromatic / Topaz

Our loose-leaf decaf Ceylon is decaffeinated from premium quality hand- picked leaves that give a slightly tangy and fairly strong (though fully de-caffeinated_ aromatic cup with a bright clear topaz shade to the liquor. The leaves are still imbued with plenty of flavour so be careful not to overdose the pot.

Earl Grey

Refreshing / Bergamot / Citrus

The classic black china tea is scented with a dash of oil form the citrus fruit bergamot, for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation so unique to the Earl Grey experience.

Chinese Sencha Sweet / Soft / Mild

The soft mild taste of this green tea is the result of only using the larger middle leaves, which contains less caffeine than the outer ones. This infusion shimmers with golden green brilliance.


Refreshing / Peppermint / Relaxing

Gleaned from the original herbal almanac of health-giving infusions, you’re following in some time-honoured footsteps with this intensely refreshing experience steeped in the essential oils of peppermint.

Blood Orange

Orange / Rich / Caffeine Free

Intensely rich, orangey tisane is a refreshing must for any caffeine-free kitchen cabinet. Orange peel, safflower, apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, orange pieces, natural blood orange flavouring. (May contain traces of nuts)


Tangy / Warming / Caffeine Free

This South African caffeine-free alternative, also known as “Red-bush” tea is hugely popular in the land of Springboks. The indigenous population knew of its stimulating medicinal properties long before the European settlers acquired a taste for its Sandalwood and Eucalyptus aroma and tangy taste.

Rose Petal

Floral / Sweet / Perfume

The red rose petals are layered with tealeaves during the withering process in a gloriously natural infusion of flavours to achieve just the right balance of flowery sweetness and a hearty tannin kick.

Pot of Tea for 1 £2.20

Coffee Menu

Archetype coffee beans are blended for balance and versatility. Utilising coffee beans from north and south of the equator with different harvest times, the aim is for a seamless transition of fresh crops that delivers a consistent brew year-round.

Archetype is all about big body, dark chocolate, and caramel with a medium to low acidity. As an espresso its easy going and reliable and brings out notes of hazelnut, cocoa, and molasses.

We also have decaf alternatives for all the coffee’s listed below.

Americano £2.20

A drink of double espresso coffee diluted with hot water. Choose to have it black or with hot or cold milk.

Latte £2.70

Made with a double espresso and hot steamed milk, milkier than a cappuccino.

Cappuccino £2.70

Double espresso coffee topped with frothed hot milk, sprinkled with chocolate powder on top.

Flat White £2.70

A type of coffee made with double espresso and hot steamed milk, but without the froth.

Espresso £2.00
Coffee brewed by forcing hot water through crushed coffee beans.

Mocha £3.20

A double espresso shot mixed with steamed milk and hot chocolate powder.

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Book A Table

You can now book your table online using our Open Table app, so there’s no need to make a telephone call or send us a message. You can simply fill in your details and your booking will be automatically added to our booking system in the restaurant and you will receive an email confirming the time and number of guests. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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Food Allergies and Intolerances

All our food is prepared on-site in our open-plan kitchen. All our meat is responsibly sourced from outdoor bread livestock. All the fish we serve is sustainably sourced. Whilst we can cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets, please be aware that some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information or to discuss your personal dietary requirements.